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Author Topic: MACH3 dynomotion Kflop  (Read 2634 times)

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MACH3 dynomotion Kflop
« on: August 05, 2012, 02:09:35 PM »
I have hard time setting up the mach3 with dynomotion Kflop, I have the axis runing well but the spindle is not working properly, i set the spindle output for PWM but nothing happens, i monitor the outputs and never change or get activated. Also i can not get the reading from the index to the rpm dro. I can see the signal from the pulse coming from spindle but dro don't show anything.

I have Dynomotion K-Flop
3 stepper drive and steeper motors

I have encoders incremental that i want to use as feedback (one for every axis) and one for MPG. the axis work fine but the mpg don't work. I am not very expert on the program and don't find enought information on how to set the mpg to work properly as well as the spindle.
i have the spindle set on pwm that i need for my VSD and the two signals for forward and backward, the forward and backward signals are ok but not pulse.

Help will be greatly appreciated.