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Author Topic: Example Potentiometer direkt from DSPMC-7762M analog input to Mach3 (Brain)  (Read 9565 times)

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Hello Mach 3 users
I ordered the new DSPMC-7762M. Now I have it running on four servo axes. Is great!
Now my question:
I ordered the 7762M, it has analog inputs.
However, I want to integrate a potentiometer for G0 (rapid traverse) one for a G01 (feed) and one for the spindle speed in Mach3.

Has anyone done this already with Mach3? I make still with ​​a Pokey.
But it is not at a high buffer value in the 3D Milling usable.
The buffer must be processed first, at then respond the potentiometers.
Does anyone have examples of how this is programmed in Mach3 ( with a brain in Mach3)??

If yes, please tell me about it.

Or how you've solved the problem? (The respond time from the potentiometers in 3D-milling)

Am very grateful for your help.
Sorry for my language .........
Kind regards from Switzerland
Mail:    guido.herzog@bluewin.ch
hi Guido,

you can try reducing the buffer size in the system tab in plugin configuration.  this should improve the response time when changing the feedrate override.

spindle speed control does not go thru the motion buffer, so it should have quick response.


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Hello Ruffi,
Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've already made​​. Buffer = 5%-10%
But when I processed 3 million lines with 3000mm/min I need the buffer.
Otherwise, the machine sputters.
If I have a new part on the machine, it is very dangerous if the feed is 10-100 lines are coming to stop.Has there been a few times a loss!

How do you solve this problem?
I hope that when I bring the analog values ​​directly from DSPMC-7762M in the controller. I have not the Responsetime from the Pokey by the USB

The feed should not be dependent on the buffer!
For all machine tool manufacturers such feed G01 and GO pot responds instantly.

Have you an example, how do I get an analogue value in Mach3 to Brain

Thank you for your help and possible for an example