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Please assist
« on: July 15, 2012, 03:06:11 AM »
I have a TB6560 Kit, and Nema 23 stepper motors. Alreadybuilt my own CNC. Now its time to attach the router. I have a bosch router and a 24 volt relay, however im having problems getting the program to run the relay. ON the TB6560 I have 3 axe's and a plugin at the end (Pins 15-17). I have a ground (pin 16) A relay ( Pin 17) and Mnout (Pin 15). I tried running 24v to the relay which is fine, but it will not run the relay. Have no power, or contiuity from pins 15-17. Looked into everything. Assigned port1 and pin 17 ect ect.

My question is I need a step by step guide to installing this router and getting the thing to work.