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Author Topic: Need accelerated intro to CNC and help fixing my first MACH3 setup.  (Read 1964 times)

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New to Mach3 with following first time setup.

Applied Motion 4.7 amp 1.7v, 2 phase, nema23 stepper
24v PSU
5v to BOB from USB
Wantai DQ542MA drive
Can read voltage out to driver when I move Mach3 direction keys (<>), but Voltage seems low.

Nothing happens, no indication that motor is connected. i.e. no chirps, grunts, wheezes or sneezes from motor.

May have blown drive unit, but don't think so.  Still get green light.

Could use some tips anyway on optimizing use of Mach3.

John - jsearles@silk2.com