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Author Topic: MachStdMill 2.0 released, free personal edition  (Read 1599 times)

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MachStdMill 2.0 released, free personal edition
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:29:12 AM »
MSM 2.0 has been released and the Personal Edition is now free. The personal edition also includes the new 2.0 Lathe screens - so mach lathe users now have available a quality lathe screen set.

Calypso Ventures Releases MachStdMill 2.0
Calypso Ventures, Inc. is pleased to announce the 2.0 release of the MachStdMill (MSM)  package for Mach3. The 2.0 release adds significant new features, expands the prior  functionality set and makes the MSM Personal Edition free for personal non-commercial use.  

Calypso Ventures Inc. continues to offer two editions of MachStdMill; the MachStdMill Personal Edition and the MachStdMill Professional Edition.  

The MSM Personal Edition supports all of Mach3’s stock functionality and includes the following major new features with version 2.0:
•   Lathe operation support (including a complete new Lathe GUI)
•   Is now available for $0 (no license fee) for personal non-commercial use.

The MSM Professional Edition includes all the features of the Personal Edition, and provides advanced functionality implemented in MachStdMill. For version 2.0 major enhancements include:
•   The new Mill-Turn package. This allows the running of lathe G-Code on a vertical mill. The Mill-Turn module uses a superset of the 2 axis lathe GUI in the Personal Edition.  MSM takes care of handling “Y offsets” during tool changes so that Lathe G-Code can run unmodified. For many turning operations, this module allows a MSM user to avoid the need for a CNC lathe.
•   MSM’s leading probing package has been extended to work in lathe mode and provides probe operations for Mill-Turn tool and fixture set up.

Other popular features of MSM Professional include:
•   Automated TLO measurements for tool changes
•   The most extensive probe tool support available for Mach3, with built in operations for 3 and 4 axis setups.
•   Advanced tool handling support including Master Tool Mode.
•   Support for saving & recalling WCO and Tool Tables to/from disk.

The MSM user documentation has been enhanced with the 2.0 release; In addition to the extensive MSM Mill user manual (approximately 300 pages), there is also a new Lathe manual which covers Turn and Mill-Turn operation with MSM. In addition, there are multiple videos on the CVI web site which demonstrate many of the key MSM Mill and Lathe features.

Please feel free to drop by the CVI web site at www.CalypsoVentures.com for more information and to download a copy of MachStdMill v2.0.

Author of the MachStdMill Extensions for Mach3