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Spindle control problems...
« on: June 05, 2012, 11:15:35 AM »
This is my 1st post, so be easy on me.  :) I recently bought an RF45 mill clone from an individual that had converted it over to cnc operation. It has the Sound Logic board in the back. The spindle motor is currently powered by an analog treadmill controller, is a Variable speed DC motor rated at 2.5hp/4300rpm and the power is supplied via 110VAC cable seperate from the cnc drive syste m and wired directly into the treadmill speed control. There is an electrical outlet on the drive systems enclosure that is labeled spindle and is wired into a GH15ET relay looking thing and has automationdirect.com printed on it, which then goes back into the pc-2-route board. I am running Mach3. I noticed that the sound logic m2 pc-2-route rev 1.7 board also has a pin labeled "spindle". Do I have what I need already to set my spindle up to be controlled from Mach3 or do I need to purchase/modify something to make this happen?

Your input on this would be tremendously appreciated.


Chris D. Hockaday