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Author Topic: Please tell me the information of the device like a lathe.  (Read 2245 times)

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Please tell me the information of the device like a lathe.
« on: June 03, 2012, 01:21:14 AM »
I plan a winding machine of the electric wire.
The electric wire winding machine resembles a lathe closely.
A central organization is to the right direction from the left.
The turn of the main shaft begins slowly and stops 100 rounds or 1,000 rounds in the place that I went around.
There is another winding forwarding axis and is parallel to a main theme.
Electric wire guidance metal fittings are attached to it.

After having sent it approximately 10mm, the electric wire guidance metal fittings return to the opposite direction approximately 10mm.
When the winding comes to the slant direction to a main shaft to the edge with the winding, I coil myself around the opposite direction diagonally.
Coil yourself using gaps fewer than a winding before (I repeat this) (do not have a line and coming at the same time) and continue in movement.
I wind the predetermined number of times and I glue the edge of the winding together when completed and end operation.

A characteristic of this machine is that a central figure does a large number of turns in the same way as a lathe.
I do another electric wire forwarding axis by the end when they come in the case of a screw box to the edge, but, as for this device, coming and going work in right and left many times.

Please tell me it if I know the method that axis-related setting of such a machine and how to make cords are useful for.
Yours sincerely,.

Thank you.