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Author Topic: Stopping program jogging and restarting, without losing position  (Read 1981 times)

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Wondering the order or how one would go about stopping a machining program in Mach, checking zero or to move the gantry to any location for that matter then restart from the arbitrary or zero location and not lose program position. With nothing on the table I have run a program and used stop, go to zero, cycle start. This is not working as the program is losing position and yet zero is always perfect.

I am running a program where everything is off by about an eighth of an inch perfectly, so I am trying to check zero between finish,rough, etc..... to figure this out.
Any information is much appreciated.

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Re: Stopping program jogging and restarting, without losing position
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If an axis is in motion when you want to stop it you must press feedhold and wait for the motion to stop.