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Author Topic: Tool Change won't work at start up unless gcode file is opened Please help.  (Read 2127 times)

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Here is a current problem. Upon start up and setup procedures are done. Calling for a toolchange M6T2, and the machine doesn't move. Load a gcode file and reset the tools info for the changer and poof it now works for the rest of the day. Also hit a limit switch and back to square one it won't change unless a gcode file is opened.

I have reloaded mach3
I have debugg/viruses the computer
I have done a disk clean.

I have a usb smooth stepper
G320x drivers
and Keling servos with encoders

Is there a setting that I may have inadvertently checked or please help me with a fix.
any ideas

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Yes common problem for me, I can not get anything to work  when I first start Mach until I jog an axis via MPG. Dont use normal keyboard jogging on my machines but presume that would also work. It is a USB SS issue and has been there for a long time, 3 yrs or more. The lathe was the worst for it but I then got an Ethernet SS and it is no longer an issue on the lathe. So that proves 100% that it is an issue in the USB SS plugin. As said the workaround is to jog an axis via MPG for me when I first start, usually I have to change from the axis I am currently on but so try jogging an axis and if it doesnt jog try another and then see if everything starts to work again.