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Author Topic: Reinstalled Mach3 and now spindle shows 3000 max when its spinning 5000  (Read 3558 times)

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I reinstalled mach3 and copied over my xml file to the new install directory. I have a KX3 and my spindle max's out at 5000 rpm. However, now in Mach3 if I go above 3000 rpm, there is no increase in speed/sound coming from my machine. I think it is actually spinning at 5000 rpm but for some reason its showing up in Mach3 at 3000rpm. Any drop below 3000rpm I will notice the sound/speed difference on the machine. Any ideas?
Have a look in the configuration for spindle pulleys. see what the maximum pulley speed is for the pulley you have selected.

It may be that pulley 1 is set to 3000rpm and previously you have been using another pulley number with the max speed set to 5000rpm.

You can either change the max pulley speed to 5000rpm for pulley 1 or of you already have the 5000 in another pulley, just select that pulley number as the current pulley from the mach3 setting page.


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Already saw that, using spindle 4 and the speed is set from 100 to 5000 rpm. When I change it to spindle 5 I can get it to go up to 12500 rpm on mach3 screen but its the same issue
You should not be able to set a speed faster than the max speed for the pulley. If you can, I'd try retyping the max value into the max pulley field.
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Its letting me set it via override, says too fast for pulley. I am just confused what the actual RPM is I am spinning at. I think while at 3000 I am actually doing 5000 as it sounds that way. I guess I'll try reinstalling again

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Do you have a ratio set for the pulley? If you do then the displayed speed will show that ratio. If its set to 1 then I dont know but attaching your xml may help.