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Author Topic: What plugin functions are still supported?  (Read 1763 times)

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What plugin functions are still supported?
« on: March 21, 2012, 08:09:34 AM »
Thanks in advance.  I have had luck with creating plugins in VC++ 2008 with very little issues.  However, I see references to DoButton and GetLED/SetLED being deprecated.  Is this true accross the board or only in VB script? 

In the SDK samples, I found a few codes for OEM buttons and Macros.  Specifically in the shuttle plugin, they are refered to in the 800 codes.  I can't find any button codes in the 800s, there is a gap.  I feel like I am missing something fundamental.  The only Dobutton codes I can find are from the VB development document.  Via engine.h I am able to move the axis all day long, but can currently do very little else.

Next, I tried moving onto C# in VS2010, a language I am happier in.  I was able to import Mach4 (via Mach3.exe) and can compile but cannot set the object reference to "Mach4.Document", it returns an error.  I have seen a few references to this interface but with mixed luck.

I know, a jumble of questions, I am trying to figure out what the current well "Supported" development methods are.  I don't want to waste time in something that wont continue to be supported.  Additionally, I am struggleing to find a lot of documentation, I did find the plugin bible.