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Author Topic: RoboTool CVM-1 upgrade  (Read 16403 times)

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Re: RoboTool CVM-1 upgrade
« Reply #20 on: February 12, 2013, 10:27:30 AM »
 I wouldn't settle for anything less than 1000ppr quad encoders. The ones that came with my CVM-1 were complete garbage. Unless yours is significantly newer than mine you should expect to replace them.

 2hp VFD....is your spindle motor only 2hp? Mine is 3HP and the 3HP VFD I have isn't adequate to stop the motor when the spindle is going any faster than 2k RPM (it over-current faults). I mostly blame it on the garbage Hyunyang VFD I'm running. It doesn't have the circuitry installed for an external braking resistor. I'm going to upgrade in a couple weeks to an Automation Direct 3hp VFD with the braking circuit installed. This should help significantly. You might consider returning the Pendant you got from CNC4PC in favor of a USB based on from vistacnc.com. I have two of those units and they are amazing and dead simple to set up.

Good luck.
Re: RoboTool CVM-1 upgrade
« Reply #21 on: February 12, 2013, 10:46:29 AM »
I can't read the HP on the nameplate. Searched and a 6A 220V 3ph motor is only 1.5 hp. I hope I am not wrong. I may have to use it for the Bridgeport if I am.

I don't know about the difference in encoders. I have 4 wires and it says HEDS-5500-A06. I searched and the Emerson ones with that PN look different than mine. Mine have a round enclosure and threaded for 3/4" cable connector. I am not against getting what I really need. Just don't want to replace something that will work as is. On work comp right now so funds are tight but time is abundant. Still limited use of the arm but that isn't holding me back too much. I just get tired pretty quick using it and certain positions can give me a fit.
Re: RoboTool CVM-1 upgrade
« Reply #22 on: February 15, 2013, 01:11:41 PM »
Santa in the brown truck dropped off some electronics today. I called the VFD MFG and he said that I have the right VFD for this motor. That was a small load off my mind. Hope the rest comes tomorrow so my weekend warriors and I can work on the panel.