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Author Topic: Manual lathe conversion - advice needed  (Read 2115 times)

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Manual lathe conversion - advice needed
« on: January 20, 2012, 04:29:32 PM »
Hi to all of you!

First post here at first let me thank you all for the wonderful wealth of information there is on this board!

Short intro of me:
From sweden. Mechanicalengineer for profession, home work shop with manual machines, lathe, mill, surface grinder, other grinder as major machines.
I have a close to un-healthy interest for mechanics, machines and machining. However I do realize I´m on the low level.

I would kindly like to ask for your opinions on the following.

Project in plan: Converting manual lathe to cnc. (the mill is in the back of my head also but the one I have now is not suitable for conversion, If lathe goes well I might change to cnc mill next time.)
Lathe: Stanko 1A616 - 1500kg, 4kW spindle motor, Ø320 over bedways, approx 750 centre-centre. Carriage is approx 200-250kg, crossslid approx 50-60kg. Not a beatuy but turns rather decent.

Get a cnc to make radius, cones, threading, conical threads, roughing, profiling to the same degree of accuracy that I can manually. I do have rather high demands and I might not get there at once but there should be no lack in controls and drives.

Replace Z-leadscrew with ball screw Ø25or32mm with lead 5mm and tol. CT5
Replace X leadscrew with ball screw Ø12/lead5 tol CT5.
AC servo drives on X and Z. 1kW on Z and 400W on X. Reduction or straight transmisson depending on final rpm/torque for the motor.
Spindle: change motor from 4 to 5,5kW and install VFD. Encoder on spindle for best tracking when threading.
Motion Control board: Vital system DSPMC or CS-lab CSMIOIPS.
Mach3 software

MPG to go with this?
PC, I intend to have a dedicated standalone pc.

Are there any real difference between working with step+dir vs analogue+/-10V with respect to the servo drives and vfd? DSPMC board has analogue and CS-lab soon has both.

CS-lab CSMIO boards, I think they are rather new on market if I´m not wrong? Any opinions on them?

Control loops, closed? dual? triple?? This is a jungle I get sooo lost in.. Not open I do get...

Enough for now, hope I don´t bore you coz It´s been a lot of good reading for me and now I had a lot to write b´coz of you :) I just wish I can contribute someday as well.

Have a great weekend!