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Author Topic: Big clue found (Feed Hold loses steps)  (Read 1861 times)

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Big clue found (Feed Hold loses steps)
« on: December 28, 2006, 12:11:29 PM »
This is a continuation of the thread "Feed Hold loses steps"

I am running 2.0.029; not in CV mode; not in Single Block mode.

The big clue is this: I have been running with an axis correction formula enabled (x = x - 0.00375*y).  If I disable that formula, Feed Hold works properly.  This helps explain why I lose steps only on the x-axis.

In addition, if I "pause" the program by activating Single Block mode partway through the program, it pauses as expected, but upon Cycle Start, there is an extra x-axis movement before it resumes the program.  This extra movement does NOT occur if the entire program is run in Single Block mode.  So I'm guessing that after an "unexpected" Feed Hold with a correction formula active, the block that is to be restarted is interpreted WITHOUT the correction.

I hope this helps.