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Author Topic: Using a cheaper generic wireless Xbox controller for playing with my mill.  (Read 6371 times)

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I really wanted to have a 2000lb video game, so I read up on using Xbox controllers with Mach3. Watched some Youtube videos showing guys that had set it up. Wireless Xbox controllers are $50 around here. $42 on Amazon. But I found what looks to be a clone. It's actually a clone for PlayStation 3, but it looks close enough. The wireless PS3 clone controller that I  bought is from a company called I-Con. I got mine at Fry's for $25 + tax. It was even cheaper than Amazon. And wireless to boot!! It charges off of the usb port and has a lithium pack in it for good longevity.

To make it work there is a driver that this guy developed so that almost any game controller could be used on a pc with any game. It's called DS3 Tool. It's not your ordinary install and forget kind of driver. It has settings in it for many types of game controllers. It can also be used to reassign buttons and sticks to other functions. But this is usually done inside the Xbox plugin for Mach3. Not to mention it can make many types of controllers work with your game or in this case Mach3.

So I installed the plugin Xbox 360 into Mach3. Then I downloaded DS3 tool from http://www.motioninjoy.com/. Before installing, it's imperative to meet the minimum requirements for the driver. Those are found here: http://www.motioninjoy.com/wiki/en/help/requirements  When it asks that you have .Net Framework 3.5 installed, it means 3.5. Not 2.0 or 4.0. Very important to have 3.5. The others can also be installed, but 3.5 has to be there.

Once the driver minimums are met exactly, then unzip the file and install the driver. This guy helps pay for his work by using advertising showing on each page of the driver. It does state on the minimum requirements page that you can run the driver without an internet connection after a few start ups until DS3 Tool downloads the 'offline mode'. I need to look at that more as I've not messed with it as I always have internet. But the driver will show up as a blank page if you try to start it without an internet connection.

After meeting the minimum requirements and installing the driver, open the driver and hit the install all button. Next you have to check the box 'Xbox Controller emulator' box in DS3 Tool. Click on the options link. Hit the save button on the options page. Hitting that button activates the correct driver. I have to hit that button each time I boot up my pc. Not sure why.

Now you just follow the Xbox plugin install directions on the Machsupport.com site. Scroll down to the very bottom. http://www.machsupport.com/plugins.php

Then you go into Mach3. Config>config plugins>Check the enabled box. Double click on the yellow config box and match the xbox controls to your mill. Below is a pic I took of my Xbox settings inside of Mach3.

The easiest way to test the driver settings is to open the game controller icon in the control panel for windows. Start>Control panel>game controllers. It shows the controls being activated as you push the buttons and move the sticks. It should even say Xbox if the Xbox driver is properly activated. Then go and try it all in Mach3.

I've been using the DS3 Tool and the wireless I-con Xbox clone controller for a couple of weeks now. It's awesome to have my mill running off of a much cheaper wireless game controller. I think the driver will even let you use pc game controllers with are like $14. But I have not tried it yet.

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Hope someone can help,
I have my Xbox controller recognized with the computer if is also available in the plugins and I can open config and set up.
The problem is that when I try to use it I get no movement no matter what I do.
What I did notice that differs from what I have read is that the center button of the controller is not lighting up on the correct quadrant, from what I understand it should be the top left quadrant that lights up I am getting the bottom right quadrant lighting and I do not know the solution to rectify this situation.