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Author Topic: Getting LazyTurn program listed in the downloads at the top of the forum.  (Read 4247 times)

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First I'd like to say thanks for the Lazyturn program. I was able to get it to work on an XP machine and on a Windows7 machine but it was far more work than I like. The version that downloads with Lazycam is too old and does not produce proper code. Several other versions can be downloaded from various pages within the forum but not all are what work for various reasons. The version I got to work is the problem is that more than one of the versions I downloaded are listed as this version within the file properties.

One of the versions would not spit out the code any different in radius mode or diameter mode even though the check mark could be added or removed to enable or disable one mode or the other.

Getting it to work on Windows 7 required that I set it up to run in XP mode from within my Windows operating system. No big deal once I knew this but the manual left out a few details.

I'd like to see the most current version listed under the downloads section on the top of the forum and if possible please remove the old versions from the other locations or at least replace them with the current version.

I'd also like to see placed in the manuals on the very first page as in most commercial software a list of system requirements needed to run the software. For instance list if running on a Windows 7 system , the program will need to be run in compatibility mode for XP and then list a page number within the manual install instructions that will show you how to set this up in compatibility mode. Also most commercial software will list the graphics card requirements if any and the screen resolutions needed. I have also found out that Lazyturn has some screen size issues and unless your in the proper size, all of the buttons may or may not be visible on the screen. I can't find the OK button to select tools on the bottom of the page unless I set my tablet to view "tall" as opposed to "wide". I know it's there because I can see it if I tilt my screen up right. I can get around that by just hitting the enter key when I'm programming in my preferred view.

I would also like to get the manual listed on the top of the page too! Maybe list it under the Support section called "Documentation" It's kind of a hunt to find it now.

My tablet happens to be a HP TC-1100 computer that came out way before the I-Pad and other than the view problem seems to run Lazyturn just fine.

Not that I don't like Mach3, I just prefer the simple screens and features of TurboCNC so I'm using the Lazyturn to generate the code and then I doctor it up to work on my lathe that's running TurboCNC.

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The lastest application file of LazyTurn can be found in the LazyTurn thread, reply#1349, page 135 and thought that it was included in current
Mach downloads.

The reason nothing is noted in the manual about using Win 7 is because I only use XP and can't verify. I really can't can't provide support info in the manual for various computer setups and use of the manny gadgets on the market.  

If a user provides specific written information relating to computer use, along with precise instructions on what to do, I will add it to the manual
or the thread.

I hope you understand,