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Author Topic: Emco PC 120 Retrofit.  (Read 2580 times)

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Emco PC 120 Retrofit.
« on: December 15, 2011, 10:05:29 PM »
Hello all, anyone who can give me some help is greatly appreciated. I purchased an Emco pc120 last December and havn't had much luck getting it running. My problems started wih the original Pc that controls the machine.  I replaced the computer, installed new software from Emco but still just receive multiple errors. Some questions I have about the Mach 3.

1) Will Mach 3 work with the original Emco boards, Motors and controller?  Or do all of these need to be changed to make a retrofit?

2) Does anyone have a list f what is needed for the retrofit and or a supplier?

Thanks for the help. I had hoped that I could get the machine operating with it's original equipment but getting good technical support thru Emco has not been easy.

If anyone has experience with the pc 120 in it's original form I would like to hear from you also.
 Maybe you can tell whats wrong!

Thanks Kurt