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Author Topic: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?  (Read 18736 times)

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Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« on: February 01, 2006, 10:59:17 AM »
I don't have a MAXNC machine or documentation so I don't know anything about this.

I was watching the "how to" video on installing Mach3 and there was a comment about selecting Max CL or Max NC mode.  It said when you check one of these, you don't need to set the motor pinouts.  Great, but what are the pinouts assigned to these outputs for each axis?  I did not see that anywhere in the documentation.  What is the difference between these two settings?  Is Max CL mode a 2 bit quadrature wave drive and Max NC mode a 4 bit quadrature wave drive?  What is the axis drive signal sequence of these outputs? 




Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2006, 11:29:18 AM »
Hi Eric:

  The MaxNC is a wave drive, while the CL is a quadrature drive. IF you need the pinouts, doensload them from the machsupport.com ftp site. Their in there as pinout information.

  The sequence is typical quadrature or wave, wave is 4 pins in grey scale sequence, quadrature is exaclt like an encode on two pins (A+B)..

Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #2 on: February 02, 2006, 10:08:38 AM »
Thanks Art.  I did not look in the FTP area.

Which pin is the leader pin and which pin is the follower pin?  If pin 2 (4, 6, or 8) leads pin 3 (5, 7 or 9), is that + direction and if pin 3 leads pin 2, is that - direction?



Just for future reference  ---> "MaxNCCL.txt"


1............... M3 OUTPUT (LOW=ON, PULSE FOR PWM)
2............... A AXIS (quadrature)
3............... A AXIS (quadrature)
4............... Y AXIS (quadrature)
5............... Y AXIS (quadrature)
6................X AXIS (quadrature)
7............... X AXIS (quadrature)
8............... Z AXIS (quadrature)
9............... Z AXIS (quadrature)
11.............. INACTIVE
13.............. INPUT, G61 SWITCH SENSOR
14.............. M8 OUTPUT (LOW=ON)
15.............. NONE
18.............. ALL SIGNALS GROUND
19 TO 25 ....... NONE



Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2006, 11:16:47 AM »
Hi Eric:

  I believe if pin2 leads, that forward...

Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #4 on: March 06, 2006, 11:55:52 PM »
How about for MAXNC, what should be the pinouts?
Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2006, 11:18:44 AM »
I am trying to figure out the MAXNC10 CLB also,  I cannot get anyhting to happen when using just MAX CL mode, should the pinounts all be set to 0 if in this mode?  Thanks for the pinouts.
Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #6 on: March 27, 2006, 03:28:03 AM »
This is all good and well if you have a Max NC CL 10 or 15. but theres more than one version.

I have the Max NC 10 O.L. 2005

Pin outs ( seen with a oscilloscope on a dos computer.)

1 .     Spindle Motor     high 5 volts with a variable pulse for speed control 26.5 volts D.C. in off M05.
                                ( +5v with short -5v pulse approx .5 mS for 150 rpm or 32 volts D.C. on Motor
                                  -5v with +5v pulse approx 3.5 mS for 8000 rpm or 100.0 volts D.C on Motor )

2.      A axis          square wave type 20000Hz

3.      A axis          square wave type 2000Hz

4.      Y axis          square wave type 2000Hz

5.      Y axis          square wave type 2000Hz

6.      X axis          square wave type 2000Hz

7.      X axis          square wave type 2000Hz

8.      Z axis          square wave type 2000Hz

9.      Z axis          square wave type 2000Hz

10.    +5v             unknown

11.    +5v

12.    +5v

13.    +5v

14.    +5v          M08  52Hz pulse mist pump ON ( 12volts on Max NC mill connector)
                    M09 +5v no pulse mist pump OFF ( less than .010 volts on mill connector)

15. to 25. unknown

As I don't have a C.L. some pins for limit and home switch's don't apply.

the C.L. setup in Mach 3 may have the right pins for a older model of Max NC C.L. stuff but it don't work
with a Max NC 10 O.L. 2005.

Now when in Max NC Wave Mode in Mach 3  it Still Don't Work.

Pins I see in Mach 3 ( seen with a oscilloscope on a Mach 3 XP computer.)

1. Y axis

2. Z axis

3. Z axis

4. Z axis

5. Z axis

6. X axis

7. X axis

8. X axis

9. X axis

10. ?

11. X axis but a vary low signal on the o scope

12. ?


14. Y axis

15. ?

16. Y axis

17. Y axis

18 to 25 not connected or grounds

 I can't get the pins to change in Mach 3 no matter what I put in the ports / pins.

 I don't know if Max NC is using pwm for the spindle  on off and speed control but it looks like it.
wave for the steppers and wpm for the spindle the spindle is a DC setup by the way.

 A.C. @ 120v goes to the lighted switch and then to the hot bus ( Wire Nut). From there it goes to a BR61 Bridge
 rectifier in one of the pins marked with a ~ symbol ( A.C ) . the BR61 sends D.C. to the spindle motor from
 the + and - pins on the rectifier. out of the other ~ (A.C.) pin then goes to a s212s01 electronic relay made by Sharp.
 It too has two ~ (A.C.) pins witch one is from the BR61 rectifier that Powers the spindle. The other ~ (A.C.) pin on the
 s212s01 goes to the 120v neutral and completes the 120v side of the spindle
power source.

I hope you all are folling this o.k.

Now the s212s01 has a 1.4v DC ( higher >33 volts under special conditions ) input (from the sharp data sheet) that comes
from the controller. By pulsing the input voltage to the s212s01 ( done in software ) you give the A.C. a intermittant
 on / off state, witch inturn gives a intermittant D.C. output from the BR61 that powers the spindle. and now you have a
 poor mans speed controller. the size of the on versa. off state sets the speed.

short on time = slower speed                        longer on time = faster speed

I do think the pulses from the PC are inverted so pin 1 of the PC will be +5 volts with .5 millisecond 0v pulse
for 150 spindle RPM or 32 volts D.C. on Motor leads.

0v with +5 volts pulse for approx 3.5 mS or higher for 8000 RPM or 100.0 volts D.C on Motor leads.

At the s212so1 will see this on / off state inverted form what the P.C. sent out pin 1 of the port.

Note : the S212S01 is optical witch means it's fast at switching.

So if all this crap above is true, ( my o scope said it is true ) then how do I set up Mach 3 for open loop when Mach 3
 will not let me change the pins in wave mode, and I need to use some sort of pwm for spindle speed control as well as m8
 coolant pump on pin 14 as Mach 3 will only allow m8 on pin 1-6.

By the way - my Max NC controller board says MAX NC CL 10108B , but it does not have the connectors for the encoders or the
 voltage regulator to run them. Since I don't have a C.L. model to read the four 16F84a 20's Pic chips, that are in the
 controller, I can't compare them with the ones in the O.L. 2005 model.

TO Art. There has to be a easer way or a XML file in Mach 3 for all the differant Max NC units. And
i still don't have a clue on getting the spindle to work with the controls in Mach 3. or if Mach 3 even does
control the spindle on and off As well as speed controlling. And forget Trying to use m08 m09 for coolant.

And on the Max NC 10 O.L 2005 the steppers need Mach 3 to output 2000 pulses per unit but the other settings
are the grate unknown to me cause I can't get the steppers to work with z being Z not
 Z for Y as Mach 3 makes it and won't let me change it.

By the way - i have not seen a keyboard chart for the functions in Mach 3, just a hot key settings- what
 are the default keyboard commands? Right now Mach 3 has Pg Up / Pg Dn keys toggling my y axis ( and wrong at that.

.... and I can't change it.

maybe I need a new copy of Mach 3, maybe I need a new license file too :-(   My luck sux.
Step-by-Step for MAXNC 10CL (screen shots)
« Reply #7 on: February 08, 2007, 05:31:25 PM »

I found the above posts to be helpful in regard to the pinouts... However, being a complete newbie with only very BASIC milling knowledge - I'm asking for some help from someone who has a MAXNC Closed Loop mill using Mach3.

My areas of trouble are: What the pinout significance is to the term (Quadrature) if that conveys some meaning to deternining which pins are step and direction are, and which logic state they become active, etc. Basically, I understand the signals on the parallel port - but don't know how they get key'd into Mach3.  (The pinout video got me as far as properly setting the HOME switches, and getting an LED on the diagnostic tab to work... but simply can't get any axis to JOG).

Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #8 on: February 09, 2007, 06:58:04 AM »
Quadrature is different than step and direction and is what the MaxNC CL drivers accept.
The axis pins are preset in MaxNC modes. You can put them in for reference but if you make them something different it will not affect the axis outputs.

Quadrature sample
Re: Max CL mode vs Max NC mode - motor pinouts?
« Reply #9 on: April 09, 2016, 08:33:10 PM »
I just got a maxnc cl 10108c and mach3 but I having a really hard time to set it up, I got the Spindler moving and the stepper motors are clicking but don't move the way is supposed to move and when I push any of the up,down,left,right all the 3 stepper click, I can't have technical support here in my country,  can't find someone who help me whit that kind of CNC machine, I called costumer service there in USA and they told me to send an e-mail but I still don't have an answer, if I get your help and get my little mill running I will buy some accessories from you, I watched some videos and I got really happy to have one I just need to get it work.
Thanks for your attention, sorry for my English my native language is Spanish.
Thanks again.