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Author Topic: SYIL UK + ESS = OMG  (Read 10352 times)

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I just bought my smoothstepper thru SYIL UK, and I have no complaint about pricing - it included next day delivery where the carrier sends email and text message early in the morning telling you an hour timeslot which they will deliver in. Which means I don't have to hang around all day as I would with ParcelForce, TNT and others. I also get 12 months support in case I need replacement - which would be very problematical should I need to arrange replacement through the US source.

What you have to bear in mind when comparing UK and US charges is that government automatically slap on a 20% uplift for VAT (unless you are a business, in which case you can reclaim the VAT). So add that plus shipping and compare to what you will get hit with when (not if) customs and excise slap duty on and you are quite probably quids in by buying from SYIL.

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