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Ron Ginger:
I am pleased to announce the Newfangled Solutions NFS Turn package.

NFS turn is a conversational or interactive package. Its aimed at the toolroom kind of lathe work- making things like bolts, bushings, shafts, etc. You choose from a menu of common lathe operations, like turn, face, thread, chamfer, drill,  bore, etc. Each operation presents a simple screen where you fill in the blanks for the operation you want.

A unique feature of NFS turn is the ability to do an immediate operation. When you have filled in the blanks, you have two buttons- "Do IT" and "Add to File". The Do It button will immediately run the operation. Add to File will let you build a complex part composed of many operations.

There is a Youtube video of this wizard at

NFS turn operates under the same license as the Mill Addons, so if you already have an NFS license you are good to go. If not see the links above to purchase a license. NFS turn will work in demo mode, but it wont save a file.

To use NFS turn download the zip file, and unzip it into C:\Mach3\Turnaddons

Please post any bugs or questions to this topic of the forum. I also read the Mach Yahpoo group, but I prefer to keep bug issues here on the forum.

EDIT: changed spelling of the title for you Ron ;)

Latest Version
Version 0.08 is now attached.
Added a pitch entry on OD Thread for metric users. Both TPI and pitch fields are on the screen- one of them must be 0 (zero)
The threads.txt file no needs a pitch field as the final entry. If you have made a custom threaads.txt file simply add a ',0' to the end
of each line.

Sorry I had to break the thread file, but now it can work for both inch and metric threads

Remember when you unzip the folder the wizard must wind up in Turnaddosn\NFSturn without the version  number

If you have modified your thread table be sure to save it before unziping or you will overwrite your changes

Looks Good Ron,(;-) TP

Peter Homann:
Hi Ron,

I'm looking forward to giving them a go.

BTW Terry, My email replies to you keep being rejected. :(



HUM I will double check the email. Does it give a reason???

(;-) TP

Peter I changed some things around in the email could you try it again?

Thanks (;-) TP


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