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Author Topic: Using a webcam to set known XY coordinates on a 'marked' etched PCB  (Read 5926 times)

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At the minute I'm etching PCBs (have plenty of xy accuracy on my CNC machine, but keeping the copper board completely flat remains troublesome - and becuase I want to go very small I'm having to ecth still!), but becuase of the complicated shapes of my PCB, I'm still using my CNC to cut the outline .......I saw this video & it does exactly what I need....


at the minute I'm drilling out some known registration points on my extched pcb then using small pegs to align them into hole my cnc machine has cut....it works, but it adds a fair bit of time overhead. I like that video method becuase you pretty much clamp your pcb any which way roughly, use the webcam to locate three known points ...then bang you're off cutting - very quick.

Can this be done in MAch3 and what would the approach be (a wizard, script, plugin etc)


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Re: Using a webcam to set known XY coordinates on a 'marked' etched PCB
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