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Author Topic: emco tool changer for mach turn  (Read 1936 times)

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emco tool changer for mach turn
« on: October 31, 2011, 11:19:39 AM »
i have read the posts, and find many older posts on those trying to make this changer work with in mach. i have a c6 lathe converted to cnc using mach. way back when, after reading the posts and those working on marcos, the info on retaining the dc motor converting to stepper etc, i began the hunt for the emco changer for my lathe. not an easy find. i also downloaded many drawings from those who made their own changer JUST incase. however i managed to find the emco. it is the older version from what i can tell since i have not yet recieved it from shipping. it does not appear to have the disc on the back for the hall effects and since there is only what appears to be a single 4 conductor wire going to the motor i suspect it has no timing for tool stations with in itself. so probably it used used a time based method of rotating from station to station.. my questions are DID anyone ever make this work correctly with in mach? are the macros i can find on the forum designed to run the changer as is, using the emco motor? thru some sort of relay board to control direction?. did any one ever make this sucessfully work with a stepper?. i do have intent to install a timing disc so i can then install HE sensors for home and stations. i am in hopes that someone made this work, and can help me out with what parts work best, and the programming for it. id prefer a stepper if possible.. any help is greatly appreciated!!