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Author Topic: Error download encoder polartiy. Download aborted.  (Read 2518 times)

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Error download encoder polartiy. Download aborted.
« on: October 06, 2011, 01:23:02 PM »
This is new post on an old subject.  I read everything I could find on the forum and didn't find anything useful.  One post implied updating the software fixed the problem.   I didn't get this message UNTIL I updated the software.  Another said change encoder polarity.  Well, everthing was working.  A little more information in the error message would be useful.

Any help would be appreciated.  I have a job that needs to be completed ASAP, and a machine that won't run.

Re: Error download encoder polartiy. Download aborted.
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2011, 01:53:42 PM »
Need more info to be of any help.   ;)

Some things to check:

An Ethernet "crossover" cable must be used between the computer and the dspmc controller.

The voltages at the encoders must be 5v, and a good ground to the correct terminal. A lower voltage will result in an error.

The "Ethernet connected" symbol shows in the system tray if there is communication to the dspmc, otherwise nothing will work.

The controller must have the power led's indicating correctly, per the manual, and the ground connection must be complete.

All encoder cables must be shielded, and grounded at one end.

After communication is established, then the correct "firmware" can be downloaded. There are more than one version, for different controllers.

The correct motor settings must be checked in "ports and pins", i.e., the correct port, and active state.

The correct encoder settings, i.e., counts per rev. must be set. A 2000 pulse per rev. encoder will have 40,000/rev. due to the quadrature.

The P.I.D. settings must be "in the ballpark" for initial motor tuning. Starting values are in the manual.

The E-Stop must be wired correctly, and operational.

The "reference" switches must be active, and to the correct pins in the (#7535) I/O board.

The I/O board (#7535) must have 24v, 5v, and ground.

The encoder A+, B+, Z+, 5v., and GND must be to the correct terminals at the encoder and at the board pinouts per the manual.
Channel 0 is X; channel 1 is Y; channel 2 is Z; channel 3 is A.

The motor signal (+/- 10v) must be connected correctly from I/O board to the motor amplifiers, and within a shielded cable.

After the motors are active, the settings must be arrived at by trial and error, using the dspmc plug-in and tuned for best response. The tuning functions are built into the plug-in.

The machine must be referenced, setting the machine coordinate "Zero", and then the work offsets can be established.

The "homing limits" must be set in the Mach configuration to reflect the machine work envelope, with respect to the machine coordinates. Direction of axis can also be changed/reversed if incorrect.

The encoder "Z" channel should be used for the homing function, as it is the most accurate. Info is in the manual.

Your mileage may vary!  :)