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Author Topic: Just bought my first cnc, need some pointers/info please about getting started.  (Read 11671 times)

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For the limit switches it's really up to you how you set them up. On my router I only use 3 optical limits, 2 lower limits for x and y and an upper limit for z. They all double as homing switches. If I had more when I bought it I would have put on both upper and lower limits, but again it's up to; most machines technically don't NEED any of them at all to function properly. (I'm not suggesting you shouldn't hook them up, though ;).

Sounds like you're on the right track!


I modified the tool mounting bracket last night so I can mount the Bosch router but I need to pick up some longer screws for it. I hope today I can finish everything up.

Thanks again for all the help,