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Author Topic: G-100 update (from art)  (Read 2223 times)

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G-100 update (from art)
« on: December 06, 2006, 05:32:11 PM »
Hi all:

With all the discussion on the Pod and other external devices, I wanted to keep the G100 owners updated on whats going on, I know its been a long slog for you guys. (Hey I have one too. :) ) , so in order too keep the information coming out, I contacted Steve and had a discussion of whats up with G100. As some of you know,
we discovered alot of limitations in the current plugin, due mostly to the methodology of the way we dealt with it. (it was the first plugin written..). Ive learned alot since , and Steve has been working on an API for a programming interface to it. An awfull lot of problems were found and fixed.

The FPGA has been tightened and has monitoring in it, and a debug facility has been written to aid us in the final plugin version, It is underway, and though its taken awhile to get there, we hope youll see some action soon in terms of things changing and a new plugin with the current limitations gone. I did look this week at upgrading the plugin to clean it up interface wise, but its not worth doing out of context of the updated library, so be patient a bit longer and we'll have somethign for you. Now that the Pod is about done, we'll be pressing on in G100 land till we see some results that work well..

Ive heard from some discouraged with the time factor, but I must say 95% of the G100 owners have been quite patient and understanding, this note is to let you know your not forgotten and things are progressing. Having an API will be a boon and will help eliminate the current sporadic errors some get with trasnmisission timing. Im told (as much as I hate rabbits..) that I'm not really blaming the right component, th rabbit actually has lots of power left to do more complex functions, and the bottlenecks Ive faced were from other causes, so I may have been giving Rabbits a bum rap, it may be doing alot more work in future in final releases.. and the capability should be quite high. (As I said in previous letters, Id like to have quite a variety of devices in the end, all with various capabilities that can be matched to the end requirement of an application your using..

Anyway, I wont drone on, but I wanted to make sure no-one was getting discouraged thinking the Pod would replace the G100, or that you wouldnt get your firmware, while delayed for many reasons on both sides of the development equation, we will be working on it in earnest, and Ill keep you posted occasionally on where we are. When it gets close to testing phase, Ill ask you all for a list of those that have one, and will send you all updates as test runs as they are compiled..