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Debugging printer to controller communications
« on: December 03, 2006, 10:25:13 PM »
We are trying to debug what appears to be a problem between the computor 25 pin parallel port and the controller 25db input.
We are running a 3GHz Celeron with 150g hard drive, 1Gb ram, MAch2 with a xlyotex controller on a small shark cnc.
The machine runs and stops intermittently, We have checked ALL switches and connections and are quite sure the problom is either the computor parallel port or the controller. the questions are: !. does the setup in Mach2 when setting the ports and pins screen change the pins from the setup that drives a parallel printer? We can look at the signals when the printer is run with an interface monitor and see the signals as the printer prints ok. 2. Does the reasignment of the ports and pinsĀ  in mach2 change the pinouts from the setup for the printer? Assuming (dangerous to do) that the parallel port sends signals to the controller, we should be able to monitor the drive signals to the controller as the router is running. There are some signals that are fed through ( limit and home signals) that are NOT involved. Without a pinout of the controller inputs and verificationof the data being sent to the controller it is difficult to determine if the computor parallel port is not working or the controller is not. When the programm is run it runs very erratic and jumps out of sequence. We have been throught the checking of the switches and are confident the problem is in the data transfer. Help!!!
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