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Author Topic: Reposting in hopes of an answer  (Read 1797 times)

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Reposting in hopes of an answer
« on: June 16, 2011, 01:33:15 AM »
Hi All!

Since I got no answers last time, I'll try to ask again:

How should the Engine.axis.atspeed parameter respond?
I am trying to: "I am trying to: "print the axis.index to a file if axis.atspeed= true, else do nothing"
but my code either prints all the time or does nothing

I also got to thinking if there is any big difference in using VS2003 vs. VS2008 in development of plug-ins.
Mainly I am trying to find out if both ways require the .net framework on the target pc where Mach3
and plug-in will be running or is the plug-in a native win32?