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Author Topic: Plazma CAM Software with Nesting.  (Read 3777 times)

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Plazma CAM Software with Nesting.
« on: May 22, 2011, 11:09:14 AM »
 I Intend to use Mach3 for Plasma Cutting. I am looking for suitable CAM software for CAD to G CODE Conversion having nesting capabilities. I am not able to find any nesting capability with Lazy Cam. I need to confirm if this is really so.
Also I request some experienced Plasma users to suggest some third party software  having nesting capability and compatible with Mach3.
I also have another problem while using Lazy Cam for Plasma. For touch down, Lazy cam gives G28.1 Axis Ref. command and then places Z0 in the next line, which fails to initiate Ref. Home command. If this Z0 is placed in the same line as G28.1, it does the referencing well. So, is there some thing I am missing? Is there a way to place Z0 in the same line, or make G28.1 operate having found z0 in the next line?
Please advise.
Mahesh Vyas.