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Author Topic: Dev 035 and FRO  (Read 1936 times)

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Dev 035 and FRO
« on: April 24, 2011, 11:12:21 AM »
I have an analog pot on a Pokeys and use a brain in Mach for FRO. It's worked for years 'til 035. If I switch back to 030 dev. it works fine. It's worked fine in all versions of Mach up to now!!

What it does. When the FRO percentage gets to 100% it actually goes to 0%. I've tried this while feeding and it does indeed stop. It works fine above and below 100%.

I'll attach the brain file, originally written by Hood, and pretty simple, in case anyone thinks editing the brain would fix this in Mach 035!! As I said, switching to any other Mach3.exe and my pot and brain work fine.

Any help appreciated.