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Author Topic: Electric erosion. Management possibility by the process of Mach3.  (Read 1443 times)

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Hallo everybody!
Sorry to my English. (Autotranslation)
My name is Vadim.

Now I want to do CNC machine-tool working on principle of electric erosion of metal.
A processing instrument is a wire.
The output of metal takes place due to destruction of metal under act of electric impulses going from a moving wire.
Between a wire and metallic detail it is necessary to maintain permanent distance.
In the system CNC three sensors are used :
1)Sensor of approaching of wire to the metal.
2) Sensor of adhesion of wire to the metal.
3) Sensor of precipice of wire.
1) For this aim it must be instantly stopped implementation of cnc koda from the signal of sensor of distance between a wire and detail, and to proceed in implementation of cnc koda, when a signal will disappear.
2) it is Yet desirable to have the opportunity of motion of wire, directionally cnc koda in retrograde (in case of adhesion of wire to the detail).
3) At the precipice of wire, a machine-tool must stop and continue work after renewal of wire.

I studied possibilities of Mach3 and functionality fully arranges me.
I am interested by marketability of principles 1), 2), 3).    Minimum 1).
Please, help to find an answer. Or tell how more effective to find...