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Author Topic: How Backlash Comp manages part zeroing and program/stop starts  (Read 1946 times)

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Hey Mach Forum!!

been trolling this site for years and thought it was about time I asked some questions!

I have done 3 cnc conversions now and I am about to do one on a knee mill (by far my biggest CNC endevor)

my mill is old and abused w/ backlash of .025" if split nut is loose enough for hand-wheels. So, until I find a dead BOSS mill, I will have to use backlash comp (BC). also, ballscrews are not an option for me as my mill is a non-standard Saimp 10x44 (1972 Italian turret mill)

My question is; how does BC handle situations where I need to edge-find material? Does the software keep track of MDI's and apply BC to these? will it know what direction the backlash is in on a given axis after I use my pendent to move an axis? or, I stop the system for the day half way through a job and want to pick up where I left off the next day, will the software "remember" where i was relative to the backlash?

just trying to clear the nitty-gritty details up and hopefully asking questions everyone can benefit from

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Re: How Backlash Comp manages part zeroing and program/stop starts
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Backlash is implemented whenever there is a change of direction and the DRO will show true axis location even though the motors received additional pulses.