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Author Topic: What controller to use together with Mach3 when retrofitting a Traub swiss type?  (Read 2984 times)

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A couple years ago I retrofit a MoriSeiki SL1 lathe with a new Fanuc 21i system. Price 16000 (in USD) for a complete kit with spindle motor and 2 servos. Now I will retrofit a Traub swiss type lathe. It has 2 spindels and two revolvers. Z1, X1, C1, Z2, X2, C2, Z3, B axis (I don't need the B and C2 axis). Read a little about Mach3 and would like to give it a try. Nice price and you don't have to pay 1500 USD to Fanuc every time you want to change some option. If it's possible I would like to find a controller that you can connect to the spindle drivers and servo drivers directly (Melco/Mitsubishi FR-SF-4-7.5Kp-T spindle driver and Melco/Mitsubishi MR-S12-40A-Z33 servo driver).

What company have the best controller? Any suggestions?
I read a little about Ajax. They have a kit for retrofitting a machine and keeping the old servo drivers. Does anyone have experience of that kit?

If this works I have some other machines waiting. A MoriSeiki SL1A lathe converting to a CNC grinder, a Takisawa 3-axis mill and a flat surface grinder.

Hi  , ADTECH CNC also giving  low cost CNC systems, now we are planning to use it.