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Author Topic: New Website/Services: Hands-on Mach3 Training, System Integration.  (Read 9331 times)

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   http://www.FusionCNC.com  is a joint venture between Jayson Zealous Blake and
        Scott Poppa Bear Shafer from the Mach Support Forum.

Services and Products we provide are:

1.   Mach3 hands on class room Training at your location or ours (Mach classes is 2 days, Rhino is 3),
   see website below for details:
   Mach3 Basic Machine set up (2 day class), how to set up a small/hobby machine from scratch.
   Level 1 is Operators/Users Training.
   Level 2 VB Macros & Macro-pumps.
   Level 3 Basic Screen Design and Wizards, (using Mach Screen, and touch on Screen3 & 4 plus Real Draw Pro).
   Level 4 Using Modbus and Brains (2 day classes).
   Interfacing to External devices: PoKeys, ModIO, Modbus boards, PLC's.
   Rhino CAD basic Level.
   Rhino CAD advanced Level 2.
   Rhino/Mach3 Fab-Lab, Go from concept, to Rhino CAD, CAM, Mach3CNC to finished part (machine-able wax).
   Possible future classes (depending on if demand is there):
   Graphic Design: (2-3? day class), using Fireworks and Real Draw Pro for making screen.
   Art CAM Fab-Lab: (2-3 day class), using ArtCam and Mach3 to make parts.
   Basic Flash Screens: (2-3? day class), How to use Flash to make a simple Mach3 Screen.
Training link: http://www.fusioncnc.com/category/10-mach3-training-courses.aspx

2.   Customization Services:
   Screen Designs in Flash or Standard. (OEMs, Commercial, Private).
   Macros, Macro-pumps, Wizards, Modbus and Brains.
   Pendant Designs
   Free! and Commercial downloads of: Screens (regular and Flash), Wizards and Plug-ins.
   PLC/HMI programming
   Flash apps, website design, I-Phone Apps, Graphic Designs and Design Packs!!!
   G-Edit: G-Code Editor in Flash!!!

3.   System Integration Services:
   Design, Build, or Retrofit any type of CNC machine using Mach3.
   Custom Operator-Interface and Electrical/Drive Panels.
   Electrical prints & CAD drawings available.
   Integration with PLC/HMI and Robotics for machine cells.
   Turn Key OEM CNC and/or Industrial machines/automation.

4.   Mach3 Support and Field service contracts available:
   Mach3 software support, and Field Service for Mach3 CNC machines, world wide travel available.
   OEM/Commercial Contracts for above time purchase, and/or time period.

5.   Sales:
   CNC Machines
   CNC Machine parts: drives, steppers, servo's etc.
   Mach3, Screens/GUIs, Plug-ins ( MAD and others), Wizards
   G-Edit: Allows Gcode editing, creating/appending files, Gcode buttons.
   Art CAM
   OneCNC Mill (up to 5 axis), Lathe, Wire, Nest, Profile.
   Sheet CAM

6.   Miscellaneous:
   Custom app programming: Flash AS2/AS3, C, C++/MFC, C#, VB, Python, dot net.
   PLC/HMI programming for: Automation Direct products and Allen Bradley.
   PIC 32 micro controller apps/devices.
   IT and Networking services.

Scott and Jay
Commercial Mach3 & Mach 4, Design/Build/Retrofit CNC and Industrial machines.

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Re: New Website/Services: Hands-on Mach3 Training, System Integration.
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That sounds great, good fortune and every success with the venture guys.