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Author Topic: You will Seldom see support like this. 10 Thumbs up, Do not hesitate to buy.  (Read 2840 times)

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Hi; My name is "JimmyTheDrill". I have never left a message on this Forum.

I purchased a ncPOD as a beta tester almost three years ago. Like other I'm sure, I didn't read the instruction before I tried to update the software on a laptop that only had USB 1.1 ports. Approximately a year and one half ago I was finally I was finally going to have the time to start working on my project.

I wrote to support@oemtech.com asking for permission to send my unit back to them to have it re-flashed or reprogrammed. I believe a gentleman named Carl wrote back to me and offered to refund my money. I was taken aback by the service.

Within just days of their letter, I had a bad stroke that left me in pretty bad shape. Last month I was well enough to get back to work building my CNC.

I wrote again asking their permission to send this unit back.

I really preferred to have the program reinstalled in this unit as I still it is one of the most elegant solutions on the market.

I received a letter back that told me to send the unit back to OEMTech. I did so and within just days a gentleman named Carl Kendrat sent me a brand new unit.

I can't express my gratitude enough. If I were in my 20's I wold say these people "ROCK".

Don't hesitate doing business with these people.