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Author Topic: Which Mach3 version is best, still have 2.63  (Read 4831 times)

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Which Mach3 version is best, still have 2.63
« on: November 27, 2010, 05:26:56 PM »
Hi, I still work with the older version 2.63 of Mach3.

Every time I wanted to download a new version, someone pointed some bugs so I decided to wait a bit.

Now I would like to install new version but just wonder which one should be best for me.

Running a CNC router.

I have two hard drive on the computer running Mach3, can I install the new version on D drive and still keep the old version on the C drive,

or this could cause some driver problem.

Thanks for any input. Jeff

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Re: Which Mach3 version is best, still have 2.63
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2010, 05:54:12 PM »
It would cause a driver problem, what I would do is shut Mach down and then rename the Mach folder to maybe OldMach3 and then delete the driver from device manager.
Then install the new version to your C drive as normal. If you need to go back for any reason then all you do is rename the new versions folder and rename OldMach3 back to just Mach3. You can then go to device manager and delete the driver then once thats done you can go to the Mach3 folder and double click the driver test and it will install the driver for that version.

As for which version I would say probably the latest lockdown should be fine, only seen a couple of people with problems with it.