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Author Topic: What is a Contec and why would I want one?????  (Read 6787 times)

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What is a Contec and why would I want one?????
« on: November 13, 2010, 08:10:47 PM »
Since I have no idea what a Contec board is please tell me and the other fine folk on this forum what one of these is.

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Re: What is a Contec and why would I want one?????
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2010, 12:00:49 AM »
contec manufactures many automation products. analog and I/O cards, motion controllers, etc. ( contec.com)
the PIO-16/16T(PCI)H I/O card was used by camsoft in their pro package
its a digital ttl level I/O with 16 inputs and 16 outputs
they retail for about 110 bucks
its a very compact setup when used with a opto22 "g4pb24" relay center
the relays that pop into the relay center can be bought to adapt to any voltage which then will convert to ttl for use with the contec card
steve wrote a great plugin that will work with other plugins such as the galil plugin
this plugin allowed me to convert my machine from camsoft directly to mach with no rewiring.
Re: What is a Contec and why would I want one?????
« Reply #2 on: July 29, 2012, 10:35:44 PM »
I have a Hurco VMC machine running on Camsoft using a Galil 1842 controller card and ADlink PCI48 card and 2 GPB 24  I/O boards.
I would like to convert to Mach3 but am concerned about controlling all this I/O from the Mach3. I posted a question about the capability of the Galil and Mach3 back in 2010 but have not been able to touch this project due to a shop move and other hot projects and am trying to get back on it. I couldn't find a plug-in for the ADLINK PCI cards but thought about using the Contec PCI cards since there is a plug-in for it. Sounds like other users have done something similar using the Contec PCI cards. Does any one see a problem with this? Will the Alink cards work just as well? I also had a problem when trying to use the Contec plug-in it says that the driver is defective. I tried downloading drivers several times but with no luck. Do I even need the Plug-in when using the Galil card?