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cv problem
« on: October 29, 2010, 05:35:10 PM »
I have a file that goes counter clockwise from an arc to an angle about 100
degrees and then has a straight line. This works fine.
In the same file is another part that does just the opposite. It goes from a
straight line to an angle about 95 degrees then has an arc. This move does not
slow down to a stop and is rounding the corner.
The system is set up for cv with an override of 1 degree. It should stop almost

Here us the code.

N20 G00 G90 G54 G17 G40 G43 G80
N30 (3/16" End Mill )
N40 T1 M6
N50 S36000 M3
N60 H1
N70 G0 X3.8869 Y3.5866
N80 Z0.875
N90 G1 Z0. F50
N100 G3 X3.8864 Y3.589 I-0.0063 J0.0001 F240
N110 X3.6002 Y3.9784 I-0.755 J-0.2551
N120 X3.0417 Y4.159 I-0.5524 J-0.7545
N130 X2.6077 Y4.0736 I-0.0098 J-1.0963
N140 X2.1581 Y3.5886 I0.3148 J-0.7427
N150 X2.1645 Y3.5804 I0.0059 J-0.002
N160 G1 X3.8802
N170 G3 X3.8869 Y3.5866 I0.0004 J0.0063
N180 G0 Z0.875
N190 X5.6534 Y2.6679
N200 G1 Z0. F50
N210 G2 X5.6527 Y2.6248 I-3.6162 J0.0383 F240
N220 X5.4614 Y2.4349 I-0.1937 J0.0038
N230 G1 X2.11
N240 G3 X2.1042 Y2.4285 I0.0004 J-0.0062
N250 X2.138 Y2.1875 I1.4361 J0.0785
N260 X2.3031 Y1.8419 I0.8157 J0.1775
N270 X2.6483 Y1.6121 I0.5713 J0.4839
N280 X3.2444 Y1.5612 I0.4153 J1.3468
N290 X3.776 Y1.895 I-0.0816 J0.7201
N300 G2 X3.9378 Y1.986 I0.1642 J-0.1027
N310 G1 X5.3664
N320 G2 X5.5465 Y1.7343 I-0.0048 J-0.1937
N330 X5.3344 Y1.2681 I-1.9418 J0.6021
N340 X4.5288 Y0.5257 I-1.7817 J1.1249
N350 X3.8538 Y0.3013 I-1.0827 J2.1296
N360 X2.6584 Y0.2593 I-0.7553 J4.4688
N370 X1.6832 Y0.5005 I0.3052 J3.3268
N380 X0.9346 Y0.9936 I0.9432 J2.2465
N390 X0.374 Y1.9088 I1.5573 J1.5833
N400 X0.2429 Y2.7968 I2.7835 J0.8646
N410 X0.293 Y3.3688 I3.1592 J0.0114
N420 X0.4813 Y3.5287 I0.1907 J-0.0338
N430 G1 X0.8203
N440 G3 X0.8261 Y3.5346 I-0.0004 J0.0062
N450 G1 X0.8262 Y4.4684
N460 G2 X0.8776 Y4.5951 I0.1937 J-0.0048
N470 X1.9596 Y5.277 I1.7963 J-1.6508
N480 X2.9605 Y5.4253 I0.9764 J-3.1372
N490 X3.3421 Y5.4066 I0.0059 J-3.7827
N500 X4.2442 Y5.1739 I-0.2678 J-2.9028
N510 X5.1254 Y4.4755 I-0.9108 J-2.0543
N520 X5.5318 Y3.6366 I-2.0081 J-1.4907
N530 X5.6534 Y2.6679 I-3.4946 J-0.9305
N540 G0 Z0.875
N550 M5 M9
N560 G28
N570 M30