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Author Topic: Scaling problem need help  (Read 5932 times)

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Re: Scaling problem need help
« Reply #10 on: October 25, 2010, 09:47:00 PM »
Y0u can calculate them as Hood instructed or use Al's spread sheet and put the info in and it will calculate the steps per inch.
There is another way and all you have to do is play the "game" of setting the steps using Mach. ???

CLick on the Settings Tab, in the lower left corner you will see a button for...Set Steps per unit, click on it.
Mach will ask you to check which axis, you select it, then it will ask you how far you want to move, lets say 1" , the
the DRO shows the axis actually moved 8.12", Mach asks you how far it moved, you tell Mach that it moved 8.12", Mach then gives you the steps per unit setting and if you like it Mach saves it to the motor tuning. Play the game again.......Mach will win all the time by giving you the correct steps per unit setting rather quickly and accurately. ;D

Brian loves this one for long moves because he uses a crappy  yard stick or something and can accurately set up a machine.......

It will not provide you with a velocity setting though...

Play the game and see if you can win.... ;)