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Homing with shutle pro
« on: October 16, 2010, 06:06:58 AM »
I hade a MACH 3 installation with shutle pro and on that I had  ref al button , the machine homed perfectly every time, al axles at the same time and backs of switches as it should.
The ref. button on mach made the same but  one axle at time.
 Now i have installed Smooth stepper and the homing is not working. When I use ref al on Shulte only Z go to zero but it´s not backing off the switch.
Ref al in mach is homing but not backing of, and it runs against the X homing’s switches and  after a stop it starts to go wrong way , I get a message that  the homing switch is activated, yes it is at the program is not backing of the switch
it seems that there have to be some problems the programs running together.
Mi switches are activate when hit and grounded then, can that be a problem??
Thanks for advice
Best regards