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Author Topic: Galil DMC1866 PCI Accelera Series 6 Axis Card & ArtSoft Mach3 CNC Software !  (Read 5585 times)

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Dear General ArtSoft Mach3 Forum !

Just started to investigate the possibility of using Mach3 software to run an old Gerber 48 Routing System using DC Stepper Motors !

Will the Mach3 Milling CNC Software run on the latest Galil DMC1866 PCI Accelera Series 6 Axis PC Interface Card, & how do you configure the ArtSoft Mach3 CNC Software to use and see this card ?

Does Mach3 recommend another or better better card for its software, other than the above mentioned Galil DMC1866 PCI Accelera Series 6 Axis PC Interface Card ?

Thank you !

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Best bet is to ask this question on the Galil part of this forum.

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Your 1866 Galil will work fine with Mach3. Download the Galill plugin from the Mach web site and also get the Galil.PDF file to show you how to configure everything.
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Re: Recommendations on best breakout board by General Mach3 Users !
« Reply #3 on: April 20, 2011, 02:19:07 AM »
Dear General ArtSoft Mach3 Forum !

We have restarted our investigation into using the Mach3 software to run an old Gerber 48 Routing System using DC Stepper Motors !

There seems to be a great deal of breakout boards being sold out in the general cnc market place by a number of suppliers !

Our question is a very simple one, what is the "BEST BREAKOUT BOARD" recommended by most of the ARTSoft Mach3 Forum, that is going to allow us to initially run the above 3 Axes Stepper based Routing System, but will also allow us to easily expand, and perform the following progressive steps as required !

Our overall intensions is to be able to perform the following from the one Breakout Board :

(a) Drive all three motor types : Steppers, DC Servo, and AC Servo configurations.
(b) Have the facilities to drive independently a total of either 3, 4, 5, or 6 Axea.
(c) Have direct control over a 0-24,000rpm Automatic Tool Changing Spindle with dedicated Frequency Inverter.
(d) Perform Automatic Tool Changing of up to 12 Tools.
(e) Automatic Tool Height Sensor.
(f) Be able to turn on Spray Mist, Z-axis brake relay, Alarm lamp relay- Red/Green Lamps, Lube relay, Coolant relay, External cycle buttons Start/Stop, External feed-rate switch, External spindle speed switch, etc.
(g) MPG Pendants and External User Control Panel.
(h) Touch Probe for standard centre and edge detection, but also for reverse on screen digitizing of components to be engineered.
(i) Allow expansion of Inputs and Outputs etc.

Thank you !

With kindest regards.

Joe c/o GEM CNC Systems.

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Hi Joe,

It is best not to post the same question in more than one thread.  ;)


I'm sincerely sorry about the multiple postings ! But being new to the forum, and the method of posting and replying, I accidentally doubled up ! Once again, I sincerely apologise to all "Mach3 Form Users" for any inconvenience, which this may have caused !