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Starturn 5 conversion
« on: September 18, 2010, 05:24:11 AM »
Hi to all.

Firstly, please forgive me if multiple posts from me have apeared on the same topic. I'm still getting the hang of things.

I would like some help on converting my Starturn5. It uses the LCB3 controller and is in working condition.

Searching around I have found various that people have been succsesful with this in particular the tool changer.

I have had some info from the guys at Denfor, they have been great and I have had some good schematics and other advice.

I have identiified my steppers and know how to drive them from Mach3. I use the CNC4PC breakout board on my flatbed 3 axis router I built. But I dont want to drive the Starturn steppers until I know how to hookup the 'home & limit' switches. That's the first move. I dont want to be crashing into stops on the first time I power it up.

The Spindle on my model is the DC type. There is a neat little Spindle drive in my cabinet with a 0-10v input on it, so I imagine that might not be to difficult to get to work.

Spindle Encoder
Details on how to hook this up would be a great help. Clearly this will be needed for srewcutting.

Tool Changer
Ok, this is 'grey code' out put using 3 sensors to determing the position. I understand the turret is driven by 24v to a new position then the polarity is reversed and dropped to 12v to lock the position of the new tool. The 12v is kept applied until a new tool position is requested. This is all fine but how to connect all this to Mach3 and my breakout board is still a mystery. Can someone who has done this successfuly please help with the detailed info.

My plan is to use the same electronics that I use to run my router and mount them inside the LCB3 control box. That way I'm not buying extra stepper drives etc.

I'd be very grateful for anyone's help.

Kind regards to all

One step at a time!