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Wired calibration problems
« on: August 23, 2010, 08:21:32 AM »
Hello to all.

First time I am posting to this forum but I have found a lot of useful posts here.
I have upgrade a Fadal machine with Glentek GM4050 motor (see picture below).
Using Mach3 and CNC4PC board C11G with SCANCON encoder 2R-2000.
MX2 omron spindle drive connected in the VF input.
I have two problems.
 1) Spindle calibration is impossible. I have in Mach3 very big oscillations in the graph.
The spindle is running at full speed because the output from the board does not change at any S****.
So I believe it is a Mach3 configuration problem.
 2) I am trying to use macropupms combine with some inputs but:
    I see that the macro is energizing the function with the real input.
And I see that input are flashing periodically !!
Any ideas why this happens.
 3) I am facing a strange problem X axes although in other axes everything works fine.
I have loosened the table’s gibs so I don’t have any mechanical influence.
I tunning the motor in all possible settings but no fix.
I am moving the axes by 1mm  in forward direction and everything is OK. But when I reverse it I have a counter loss but not in the first 2-3mm after this the loss is getting bigger and bigger by millimeter.
I also tried to move 300mm forward and reverse, the loss is bigger than 10mm.
Do you have any idea what could be the cause?

Thank you in advance guys