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Author Topic: Sensorless spindle operation  (Read 1820 times)

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Sensorless spindle operation
« on: August 09, 2010, 08:59:52 AM »
Why do the supposedly easy parts always seem to cause the most headaches??

I'm trying to set up a high speed NSK spindle to run with Mach3 and have seemingly run into a brick wall.  One of the three speed sensors on the motor has burned out and now my servo drive (Copley Accelus) can't spin the motor without its full feedback. 

I'm hoping I can alter my setup to use one of the remaining speed sensors as my index pin and run the motor using mach's pwm output.  Problem is I can't think of how I can set my current driver to run it.

Can anyone recommend me a good servo driver?  I need something that meets the following criteria:

-PWM input
-Sensorless (or single sensor)
-ability to run up to 50,000 RPM

Any input, comments, recommendations or tomfoolery will be much appreciated!
Mr. Creosote