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Author Topic: Notice: Probing bug found with SS systems  (Read 2763 times)

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Notice: Probing bug found with SS systems
« on: August 04, 2010, 12:47:24 PM »
NOTICE: Probing bug found.

OK, this is going to sound a bit weird, because it is...

If you re using a SS, AND you are probing, AND the WCOz <> 0, then a probe may get crashed into a work piece.
A similar bug may exists for X,Y (not fully verified yet) when using a SS and WCO <> 0.

It appears that something about this combination makes the internal tip comp calculation done by Mach (or the SS plug-in, I don't know how that is split between the two) not use the same calculation as other cases.

Software combination:
mach 3.43.10 (or 3.43.12 - they both do the same thing)
MSM 0.2.1 (beta 3)
SS plug-in:  "SmoothStepper Beta2 Ver 0.0150ogx Config"

The bug does not manifest itself on a PP system.

I have gathered all the data and test results to show the problem, and shipped it off to Brian for some help.

Until we get the root cause figured out and solved, please be extra careful when probing with a SS.

Author of the MachStdMill Extensions for Mach3