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Author Topic: G100 + G320's Encoder or MPG wiring  (Read 6764 times)

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G100 + G320's Encoder or MPG wiring
« on: July 25, 2010, 12:45:03 AM »
So i have a Grex and a bunch of 320's and there working great, i have always wondered why the Grex has pins for 5v ChA ChB ChI and gnd.
I have my encoders wired directly into my 320's so am not using the ones on the Grex, maybe i should be?

So i read in the G100 setup guide that you can wire an MPG into these inputs (example in the book used A axis).

This got me thinking, if I loop my G320  ChA ChB ChI (currently going to the encoders) to the grex ChA ChB ChI on my X axis and the follow the guide for setting it up as an MPG, would this allow me to temporally disable my 320s giving me manual control of the hand wheels while still allowing me to utilize the DRO?