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Initial Setup. Items Found
« on: July 19, 2010, 09:50:22 AM »
Hi All,
Like the new screen,a bit more involved in clicking around, to see whats going on. First, this is what I found,Of course, this is Beta...
Loading the screen from a desktop shortcut, see's 20 seconds to load, using the Mach loader see's 16 seconds to load. Waiting for the screen to apear, it is white, blank screen, for said amount of time,but then loads. Clicking on buttoms, Load, WC, tools, etc. have to click,and then click again. ? Seems as though it uses much more resorces to run the New Mach screen then any other?  Go to zero,as someone else mentioned,took a few times to get this right to work. Set up in safe z pull down box inhibit z in work config,and at e stop in the system. I think it should be this way as you want to exit Z +,first then goto X-Y,just my way of diong things as tools are expensive,and scrap you, you figure it. I havent got it loaded to my machine as of yet,figure I get my feet wet when I have some spare time, to do something to recover some scrap pieces,and maybe make some smaller parts. Just aint there yet. Although it is a very active screen,and Will, take some time to get acquainted with.        'Are We There Yet'      Thanks,   Hank S.
Re: Initial Setup. Items Found
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2010, 10:53:47 AM »
Hi Hank,

Load time:
When mach loads a screen it sucks in all the bitmaps for the entire screen set at once. Before it can load the bitmaps, mach runs the Screen set initialization code. We haven't done any optimization to the init code.
I typically see a 4-5 sec total time from short cut click to viable screen.

Could you tell me the CPU type and speed of your PC?
I'd like to get a feel to what people see on different PCs.

2 clicks:
do all buttons requires two clicks - all the time?
This is not happening for most people, so I'd like to know if this is something that you see for every button.

a bug has been found and will be fixed in the next released.

Author of the MachStdMill Extensions for Mach3
Re: Initial Setup. Items Found
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2010, 11:44:27 AM »
Hi Dave,
Yeah sure, emachineT3882, XP home, all service paks, win-32 X86,~2793Mhz, driver test set 45K, running 44798 almost rock solid.
Button clicks are when first starting up, once they are clicked, don't need to do a second, but everytime I close, and reopen, same thing.

Would be nice to see 4-5 seconds to get to the screen, not here though!

Of course this is not the machine PC. If you need info on that,It'll have to wait, this PC is where all the designs are done and editing GCode, 'Just About'  the same as the machine PC, without all the MS stuff that has to be loaded,and running.

As said,will give it a go, but not right now, I'm sure to have more as you,in finding and fixing. I'm GOOD at Breakin Stuff TOO.
             Thanks,   Hank S.