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Author Topic: 2Linc 4th axis engraving with Mach HELP!!!  (Read 2250 times)

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2Linc 4th axis engraving with Mach HELP!!!
« on: June 30, 2010, 11:44:48 AM »
I am using the 2Linc engraving software (full version) to engrave round tubing.   I seem to have a problem of my code bombing out and not sure why.   I can disable the X,Y,Z axis and the code runs to completion.  It seems that if I enable X and A it will bomb out and stop.

I specifically get an estop on the Z axis.   I'm running it off in space so I'm not physically binding up or anything.   It just stops.

Can anybody help?
Re: 2Linc 4th axis engraving with Mach HELP!!!
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2010, 11:49:48 AM »
G90 T0
M3 S3000 M8
N1 G0 X0 Y0 Z0.100 A0
N2 G0 X0.000 A69.589
N3 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N4 G1 X0.068 A69.589 F5.000
N5 G0 Z0.100
N6 G0 X0.033 A53.125
N7 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N8 G1 X0.033 A69.589 F658.572
N9 G0 Z0.100
>>>>>N10 G0 X0.165 A69.589<<<<<<    SEEMS TO BOMB HERE EVERY TIME
N11 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N12 G1 X0.098 A69.589 F5.000
N13 X0.098 A53.125 F658.572
N14 X0.165 A53.125 F5.000
N15 G0 Z0.100
N16 G0 X0.133 A61.467
N17 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N18 G1 X0.098 A61.467 F5.000
N19 G0 Z0.100
N20 G0 X0.197 A57.186
N21 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N22 G1 X0.198 A55.649 F651.954
N23 X0.204 A54.332 F568.867
N24 X0.213 A53.454 F411.425
N25 X0.222 A53.125 F173.349
N26 X0.239 A53.125 F5.000
N27 X0.248 A53.344 F117.912
N28 X0.257 A54.332 F440.577
N29 X0.263 A55.649 F568.867
N30 X0.264 A57.186 F651.954
N31 X0.262 A58.832 F645.784
N32 X0.257 A60.150 F589.049
N33 X0.249 A61.028 F437.548
N34 X0.239 A61.357 F159.801
N35 X0.222 A61.357 F5.000
N36 X0.212 A61.577 F108.381
N37 X0.204 A62.564 F465.694
N38 X0.198 A63.772 F555.619
N39 X0.197 A65.418 F652.796
N40 X0.198 A67.065 F652.796
N41 X0.204 A68.382 F568.867
N42 X0.212 A69.260 F437.548
N43 X0.222 A69.589 F159.801
N44 X0.239 A69.589 F5.000
N45 X0.248 A69.260 F173.349
N46 X0.257 A68.272 F440.577
N47 X0.263 A67.065 F555.619
N48 X0.264 A65.418 F652.796
N49 G0 Z0.100
N50 G0 X0.295 A69.589
N51 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N52 G1 X0.363 A69.589 F5.000
N53 G0 Z0.100
N54 G0 X0.328 A53.125
N55 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N56 G1 X0.328 A69.589 F658.572
N57 G0 Z0.100
N58 G0 X0.000 A43.027
N59 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N60 G1 X0.068 A43.027 F5.000
N61 G0 Z0.100
N62 G0 X0.033 A26.562
N63 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N64 G1 X0.033 A43.027 F658.572
N65 G0 Z0.100
N66 G0 X0.165 A43.027
N67 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N68 G1 X0.098 A43.027 F5.000
N69 X0.098 A26.562 F658.572
N70 X0.165 A26.562 F5.000
N71 G0 Z0.100
N72 G0 X0.133 A34.904
N73 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N74 G1 X0.098 A34.904 F5.000
N75 G0 Z0.100
N76 G0 X0.197 A30.624
N77 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N78 G1 X0.198 A29.087 F651.954
N79 X0.204 A27.770 F568.867
N80 X0.213 A26.892 F411.425
N81 X0.222 A26.562 F173.349
N82 X0.239 A26.562 F5.000
N83 X0.248 A26.782 F117.912
N84 X0.257 A27.770 F440.577
N85 X0.263 A29.087 F568.867
N86 X0.264 A30.624 F651.954
N87 X0.262 A32.270 F645.784
N88 X0.257 A33.587 F589.049
N89 X0.249 A34.465 F437.548
N90 X0.239 A34.795 F159.801
N91 X0.222 A34.795 F5.000
N92 X0.212 A35.014 F108.381
N93 X0.204 A36.002 F465.694
N94 X0.198 A37.209 F555.619
N95 X0.197 A38.856 F652.796
N96 X0.198 A40.502 F652.796
N97 X0.204 A41.819 F568.867
N98 X0.212 A42.697 F437.548
N99 X0.222 A43.027 F159.801
N100 X0.239 A43.027 F5.000
N101 X0.248 A42.697 F173.349
N102 X0.257 A41.710 F440.577
N103 X0.263 A40.502 F555.619
N104 X0.264 A38.856 F652.796
N105 G0 Z0.100
N106 G0 X0.295 A43.027
N107 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N108 G1 X0.363 A43.027 F5.000
N109 G0 Z0.100
N110 G0 X0.328 A26.562
N111 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N112 G1 X0.328 A43.027 F658.572
N113 G0 Z0.100
N114 G0 X0.000 A16.464
N115 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N116 G1 X0.068 A16.464 F5.000
N117 G0 Z0.100
N118 G0 X0.033 A0.000
N119 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N120 G1 X0.033 A16.464 F658.572
N121 G0 Z0.100
N122 G0 X0.165 A16.464
N123 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N124 G1 X0.098 A16.464 F5.000
N125 X0.098 A0.000 F658.572
N126 X0.165 A0.000 F5.000
N127 G0 Z0.100
N128 G0 X0.133 A8.342
N129 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N130 G1 X0.098 A8.342 F5.000
N131 G0 Z0.100
N132 G0 X0.197 A4.061
N133 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N134 G1 X0.198 A2.525 F651.954
N135 X0.204 A1.207 F568.867
N136 X0.213 A0.329 F411.425
N137 X0.222 A0.000 F173.349
N138 X0.239 A0.000 F5.000
N139 X0.248 A0.220 F117.912
N140 X0.257 A1.207 F440.577
N141 X0.263 A2.525 F568.867
N142 X0.264 A4.061 F651.954
N143 X0.262 A5.708 F645.784
N144 X0.257 A7.025 F589.049
N145 X0.249 A7.903 F437.548
N146 X0.239 A8.232 F159.801
N147 X0.222 A8.232 F5.000
N148 X0.212 A8.452 F108.381
N149 X0.204 A9.440 F465.694
N150 X0.198 A10.647 F555.619
N151 X0.197 A12.293 F652.796
N152 X0.198 A13.940 F652.796
N153 X0.204 A15.257 F568.867
N154 X0.212 A16.135 F437.548
N155 X0.222 A16.464 F159.801
N156 X0.239 A16.464 F5.000
N157 X0.248 A16.135 F173.349
N158 X0.257 A15.147 F440.577
N159 X0.263 A13.940 F555.619
N160 X0.264 A12.293 F652.796
N161 G0 Z0.100
N162 G0 X0.295 A16.464
N163 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N164 G1 X0.363 A16.464 F5.000
N165 G0 Z0.100
N166 G0 X0.328 A0.000
N167 G1 Z-0.003 F250.000
N168 G1 X0.328 A16.464 F658.572
N169 G0 Z0.100
M5 M9

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Re: 2Linc 4th axis engraving with Mach HELP!!!
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2010, 07:59:46 PM »
I dry ran the code in Mach and it works fine on my end.