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Author Topic: I upgraded and lost settings and license Could someone please advise ?  (Read 2100 times)

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I 've been using Mach3 for some time now and just upgraded to the latest version.
In doing so I lost all my prefs and apparently my license.
I don't know which files to replace with my backup copy of my Mach3 folder and/or what where to put them.
I'm hoping someone can give me a hand with this as I'm out of business without mach.
Thanks in advance

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Mach1Lic.dat is the licence file
The xml file with the name of the profile you were using holds all your settings, eg if using the standard Mach3Mill profile it will be called Mach3Mill.xml.
The other things you may need are the contents of the macro folder for the profile you were using, the Brains folder if you were using any, the Plugins folder if you were using any and if you had a custom screen then the .set itself and any associated bitmaps for it.
Thank You,
 I'll Give it a try