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Author Topic: First...The reason this topic exists..  (Read 21784 times)

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First...The reason this topic exists..
« on: October 10, 2006, 12:11:54 PM »
Hello Newbie: (As they will call you.. :) )

   Over the last 5 years or so, Ive answered a few thousand questions from beginners and pro's alike on CNC in general, and in specific.
Thats not to say I can answer anything in specific, but Ive picked up enough to be fairly generalised. If your new, thats probably where you
should aim. The topics in this section fo the forum are meant to aid in getting started in CNC, and in the end, to show the creation, from early steps
to a completed router table along the way.

  Recently, while attending a gathering of signmakers and others dabbling in CNC control of a router table, it was put to me that most dont
know enough to begin. I must admit that it is daunting to enter our world. The terminology can be frighteningly obtuse to someone
who , for whatever reason, has deciided to get into computerised movement, and has the impression that its all plug and play.

   Many have asked how to build a router table (probably the most popular use of generalised CNC ), and it just so happens Im about to go down
the road of my third full Router table. This leads me to think that others may want to travel that road with me, in steps, as I go. Since its an opportunity
to show, in great detail and with some side trips along the way to explain the scenery, its my intent to start this topic here, show photos and such of the
building process, along with mistakes, design errors, and problems encountered as we go. Weve done this bfore so we have a pretty good idea as to how not
to proceeed , (which is about as much as experience will normally give you..), so with all our great idea's in mind, your invited to follow myself, and my buddy
Bob, as we begin to create another machine to move us closer to complete insanity.

  Most importantly, the topics here will start to add up to an explaination of what youll face, and what Im facing as I go. Side topics will be added as
this progresses, to explain things like motor power, drivers, power supplies, hookups, MPG's, spindles, VFD's..all the toys we intend to implement, what they
are, what they mean, and how they work.

  Much of the topics here will truly belong in other areas of the board, but while the board is a great place to get support, or to search for interesting topics
to your situation,  this area, will be designed for flow. The logical process of going from point "A" (what the hell am I doing) to Point B (Wow, Im cutting stuff..).

  Be warned, its a long arduous journey, full of pitstops, timeouts, and frustrations, but then, if your here, you may already have those frustrations, so perhaps
this forum will back you up a bit, to the point where you can do a sequenctial flow to success, and at the least, have a better, more visual understanding of what
you want to accomplish.

   I'll try to discuss things of import to everyone, so this is likely to be a rambling topic forum, which if it all works out will probably give greater "instant gratification"
understanding than the general forum, and the questions within. In other words, this is the generalised place of knowledge, while the rest fo the forum is a place of
specicifc knowledge.

   Feel free to ask questions as I go, they may be shunted to various other sections once answered as we'll try to keep a certain flow going here, from first steps,
to completed machine. This is a personal project of mine though, and I DO tend to ramble and veer on and off topic at times, so dont expect a truly linear approach.

  OK, all that having been said..   Im hoping this helps those of you thinking of building a table, or those with one, that want to improve it..

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Re: First...The reason this topic exists..
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2012, 12:49:45 PM »
Hi: ART . I am AL .  I started to build a CNC router system from ZEN Tools , I bought the 12x12 system.  I am a wood worker and use routers a lot. Now I would like to learn CNC . I would like to know what motor to use for the  the cuter system?. I have a bosch a Dremal and a trend router .  No motor mounts for any of them .. Witch would be best to use..  Also I hope you don't mind me picking your brain , I know nothing about CNC. 

                                                                                 Thanks AL.