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Author Topic: Can some one running a Sherinle milll and a Xylotex driver guide me?!  (Read 2052 times)

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I am just about a new as they get!  I just set up my mill yesterday and have got to fine tune it and got lost.  My set up is a Sherline 2000 mill with the Xylotex XS-3525/8S-4 Stepper Motor Driver Board w/ 4 269 steppers running Mach 3 of coarse.  The only problem I have had so far is setting up the motors.  What goes in the "steps per inch" ?  I spent a hour with the "set steps per unit" button going back and forth till I get it spot on and it will be goo for a while then for a reason I can not figure out will not even come close.  If I call for a inch on X ( g1 x1) I get .025.  Is this because I am running the DEMO? 

Next what is everyone else running there steppers at?  Mine are at 14 inch per min and that is as fast as I can get them!  Is this normal? 

Thanks in advance!!!

As far as steps per unit are
X = 31949.89958
Y = 32209.79736
Z = 32444.39823
Re: Can some one running a Sherinle milll and a Xylotex driver guide me?!
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Your steps per inch are not right.

First be sure you have set the base units to inch- thats the first menu pick on the Config menu.

On a Sherline the motor is directly connected to the screw, so it takes 200 steps for the screw to make one turn. On an Inch Sherline thats .050, so it takes 20 turns to go one inch. That makes it 200 x20 or 4000 steps per inch. If you have the Xylotex set for 8 micro steps ( you should if you dont) then you need 8x4000 or 32000 steps per inch.

You also ought to download the Mach install guide and read it. It will take you through the setup step by step. Much more likely to succeed that way than trial and error.